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Criminal Justice
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Appeal Your Conviction

Have you been convicted of a crime? If so, do you feel that you may have been unjustly convicted? If that is your situation, then you may be able to file an appeal to a higher court. The process of criminal appeals is a very complicated process which can be drawn out at length in the courts but can result in a conviction being overturned or nullified.

A proper defense attorney can use the facts of your case to work towards a successful appeal. If you believe that you may be in need of an appeal, you need to contact an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible to get started on the process. Your actions at this point can determine your future.

What is a criminal appeal?

A criminal appeal is a process allowing those who were convicted of crimes to challenge a previous conviction by a jury trial or bench trial. It is an opportunity for the convicted party to present any issues which he or she may believe were not addressed or that were mishandled at trial.

The panel to which a criminal appeal must be presented will be determined by the district in which the trial occurred and the charges presented by the prosecution.

Typically, in the event that a petitioner’s request for appeal is denied, he or she can ask for a review from a higher court; however, these higher courts are not required to accept this request for an appeal.

Who is eligible to appeal a criminal conviction?

Most appeals are based a person’s case where any combination of the following has occurred:

  • Evidence was improperly collected

  • The chain of evidence was corrupted

  • Evidence was tampered with or improperly processed

  • Evidence and or testimony was allowed in court which should not have been allowed

  • False testimony was given

  • Defense attorney did not properly represent their client

  • A judge read incorrect instructions to the jury

  • Potential jury/juror bias or conflict of interest

  • A judge or persecutor involved in the case having been found guilty of misconduct in office

  • Evidence provided during trial was not sufficient to convict

  • Evidence was not allowed or presented in court that may have affected the outcome

  • New evidence has been discovered which may prove the innocence of the person convicted

  • Improper coercion was made toward the defendant by their attorney or prosecutors


These and many others can be the potential basis for an appeal.

Having an aggressive and experienced former prosecutor working for you is the best way to make sure that any and all appeals are filed on your behalf, and that they are filed and pursued properly. In California state courts you only have thirty (30) days to file an appeal after receiving a misdemeanor conviction, and sixty (60) days to file an appeal after receiving a felony conviction. You have no time to waste in seeking an attorney with the experience passion to overturn your conviction.

If you or a loved one have been convicted of a crime, it is important to contact Perlmutter & Pourshalimi immediately to safeguard your rights. We will take the time to talk to you about the conviction, your concerns, and what we can do to help you overturn the conviction(s). Don’t hesitate to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney 24/7 at (310) 295-2236. Consultations are free and confidential.

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