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Assisted Living Neglect

Assisted Living Neglect

The distressing truth is that senior citizens residing in assisted living facilities face a heightened risk of neglect and abuse. This mistreatment can manifest in various forms, including physical, financial abuse, and particularly neglect. Often, those responsible for these heinous acts are individuals entrusted with the care and well-being of the elderly. Exploiting their authoritative position, these caretakers may presume their actions will remain undiscovered, leveraging their power to the detriment of vulnerable seniors.

It’s imperative not to allow the continued suffering of your loved ones from such neglect. At Perlmutter & Pourshalimi, our dedication lies in championing the rights of your loved ones, aiming to halt the cycle of abuse and secure the compensation they rightfully deserve for their anguish and hardships. If you suspect elder neglect within an assisted living environment, it is crucial to act. Reach out to the dedicated attorneys at Perlmutter & Pourshalimi to start building a robust case on behalf of you or your loved one. Contact us at 310-295-2236 for a consultation and take the first step towards justice.

What Are the Different Kinds of Assisted Living Neglect?

Oftentimes, people filing claims for elder abuse or nursing facility cases are the family members of elders who they suspect are being abused. Because they are not the actual victims themselves, they do not experience the abuse and may not be sure what exactly to look for. Below, we’ve described the three most common forms of elder abuse that we see so you can be aware of what to keep an eye out for.

Types of Assisted Living Neglect

The unfortunate reality of assisted living facilities is that many of them are owned by public corporations with only one duty – to maximize shareholder return. What this means for the elderly is that their safety and care comes second. Many times, these nursing facilities are operated with skeleton crews. The administrators and managers know full well that they do not employ enough staff to take care of the residents. As a result of placing profits over safety, the elders do not receive the lifesaving care they need. Some common forms of neglect include the following:

Physical Abuse

At Perlmutter & Pourshalimi, we are committed to advocating for victims of elder abuse throughout California who have been injured or harmed. The purpose of physical abuse is to inflict injuries or harm on a senior citizen and can include slapping, burning, fighting, kicking, punching, use of restraints, the use of excessive force, or unnecessary roughness.

When we work on a physical assisted living abuse claim, we conduct our own comprehensive investigation into the circumstances of your loved one’s abuse. We take a deep look into all of the patient’s medical records, assisted living facility staff levels, safety training practices, care standards, etc. The purpose of our investigation is to find any and all evidence of neglect, misconduct, and any abuse. We have the necessary experience to conduct in-depth investigation in order to build your loved one a strong case for their elder abuse.

Emotional Abuse

As mentioned before, not all assisted living abuse looks the same. In fact, not all abuse is visible to the eye. Another common type of elder abuse that we see is emotional or psychological abuse. This kind of abuse is often an attempt for an abuser to try and control their victim through non-verbal or verbal infliction of mental anguish. We’ve found that some of the most common forms of emotional abuse involve:

If you suspect that your loved one is suffering from emotional elder abuse, do not hesitate to reach out to Perlmutter & Pourshalimi to conduct an investigation on your behalf.

Financial Abuse

Financial elderly abuse may be the least known of the three most common kinds of abuses. While many people are able to see through the tactics of online and telephone scammers, it’s much harder to recognize when the perpetrator is a caregiver or family member. This form of abuse can be committed by anyone who has access to the personal information or financial accounts of your loved one. Financial abuse can include property or identity theft, any kind of financial fraud (including medical, mortgage, credit card, and check fraud), illegal conversion of property, and more.
It’s almost unbelievable that some of these financial abuses are committed by large corporations and institutions. These signs of financial abuse might be hard to recognize, but can be the sudden loss of your elder family member’s power of attorney, loss of family heirlooms, or property being deeded to a third party.

What Compensation Could You Be Entitled to for assisted living Abuse?

If you believe that your elderly loved one has been or is currently being abused by their caretaker in a nursing facility, you and your family could be entitled to damages for your pain and suffering. The damages you could be entitled to include:
The amount that you receive in damages is entirely dependent on the circumstances of your elder abuse case, and will also vary depending on the severity of the injuries or psychological trauma.

If You Believe Your Loved One is the Victim of Assisted Living Abuse, Speak With an Attorney Today.

At Perlmutter & Pourshalimi, we are committed advocates for senior citizens who are often unable to protect themselves from the kinds of abuses mentioned above. No one should have to suffer at the hands of an abuser. The sooner you contact an attorney about your case, the sooner your loved one is protected from experiencing any further abuse. If you believe your loved one has experienced or is currently experiencing elder abuse in a nursing facility, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 310-295-2236 to schedule a consultation.

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